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Smiling Body Online Talks

Welcome to my talks on better health, movement, freedom and well-being. I’m just starting out so please be patient, compassionate and understanding.

Boosting Vitality with Chinese Nutritional Therapy

In this talk I will offer a brief intro to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine because it helps us understand how these foods and herbs work. I’ll tell a story with a profound message about nutrition today. I’ll cover a wonderful everyday foods that boost vitality and immunity and I’ll offer some herbal that are freely available. All in all a short but informative talk about your health and wellbeing.

The Magical Wisdom of Mushrooms
The medicinal use of mushrooms in Asian culture is widely known, but what is less known is that some of the most potent Asian medicinal mushrooms grow wild in Ireland and the UK too. It is only recently, as pharmaceutical companies begin revealing their research into the anti-cancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties or otherwise of the mushrooms that grow all around us, that the general public are taking notice.

Treating Cough with Chinese Nutrition
This 1 hour talk covers the Pattern of Disharmony a Blood Deficiency, which is a regular imbalance of women, leading to anaemia, dizziness, headaches etc.

Nutritional Cleansing Detox
This 1 hour talk discusses How to complete a Cleansing detox safely and effectively. Describing the benefits and the step by step programme to help change bad eating habits and encourage healthy eating habits.

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These “live” online (Free) talks have a limited number of places and usually fill up fast with a waiting list. Please let us know early if you would like a place.

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