About us

Welcome to our website and web shop. We have been studying and practicing traditional Chinese medicine for the past 30 years and 10 years ago mainly due to the regulations on Chinese herbs, we studied homeopathy. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed at the effectiveness of this exceptionally gentle therapy. We use the remedies ourselves and reap the benefits daily.

We decided to formulate our own remedies from Traditional Chinese Herbs and we have partnered with Basel Laboratories in Switzerland to develop and produce a range of Homeopathic Remedies infused with the powerful properties of Chinese Herbal Therapy.

We could go on, and words will not give you relief. You are most likely looking for a remedy that will rebalance your disharmonies. We hope you find a remedy that will help you achieve your healthy and smiling body. We encourage you to try one remedy for 14 days and see for yourself. Its a small price to pay to see if this is the solution for you.

Oh and don’t forget to visit our Articles Section where we share with you our experience strength and hope from our many years studying and practicing. Click here for more articles.

Need to contact me: Please be aware that it may take some time to get back to you as we also run a busy practice. Email: james (at) smilingbody.com

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