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  • Introduction to Chinese medical theory
  • Exploring Yin and Yang in Health and nutrition
  • Understanding the vital substances of Qi, Blood and Essence
  • What are the causes of disease according to traditional Chinese medicine
  • Making a holistic Diagnosis
  • Basics of Chinese nutrition – understanding the energy of food
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Balance to secure your place

on our next Chinese Nutritional Therapy Certificate Course running online where you can participate from the comfort of your own home or office. This course takes you through the fundamentals of Chinese medical theory relating to food from the Oriental perspective. Each week we will cover the theory of nutritional healing but also recipes that have specific wellbeing functions. Leading to the final lesson where we will introduce the student to a number of healthy recipes.

How do I choose Day and Time of course

After you pay your deposit we will contact you with a choice of your course. If the course is not available you will receive an immediate refund. You could contact us at james (at) activehealth.ie and I will conform your place before you pay your deposit.

Who is it aimed at:

Everyone with a desire to learn Chinese Nutritional Healing. Practitioners and lay people alike will enjoy this course. The content will challenge you as all our courses will but the course will be interesting, rewarding and fun.

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