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Your Smiling Body
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Losing weight can be a roller coaster of emotions. There are days when your pants fit a little looser and you feel like celebrating, and then others when you feel defeated after you step on the scale and see the number hasn’t budged.
This e-Book by renowned expert in Chinese Medicine, James O’Sullivan offers you evidence based comprehensive advice and practical tools, tips, tricks and material that you need to gain that Healthy weight in a reasonable time and stay at that healthy weight.

The Smiling Body diet
The Smiling Body nutritional program
30-days meal plan
Beyond the Smiling Body diet
Smiling Body breakfasts and smoothies
Smiling Body salads and soups
Smiling Body poultry and seafood’s
Smiling Body beef and pork
Smiling Body broths, condiments and sauces
Smiling Body sides
Smiling Body vegetarian and vegan
Smiling Body snacks
Smiling Body desserts

This is NOT a quick “FAD” diet, it is a realistic and honest knowledge that does work if you just follow the simple advice contained in the book.