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James O’Sullivan

The Practitioner

Personal Philosophy:

“Everybody has the right to better health, movement, freedom, and well-being and each one of us has the ability to learn and practice the techniques necessary to sustain this aspiration”

James O’Sullivan is a high energy, people friendly practitioner and lecturer of Integrated Medicine, serving the patient and client with the positive benefits of both Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He holds a BA in Psychology. He was privileged to study Chinese herbs, Acupuncture, Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure, Medical Qi Gong, and Mindful Meditation, Tai Qi, under the excellent tutorship of Hung Shui Chen, “a living treasure” in Taiwan. He furthered his study in Ireland and gained considerable clinical experience in a number of hospitals under the teaching universities – Beijing University of Chinese Medicine – The Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

James is a past director of Acupuncture Council of Ireland, the independent association of acupuncturists dedicated to enriching practice standards in Ireland. He is a past treasurer and council member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Society.

The Teacher

He believes that, “it’s the client’s relief from pain and suffering that gives reason to our study”. His lectures are logical, inspiring, intellectually challenging, comprehensive, and fun to participate in. James is an experienced lecturer in Complementary Medicine and Holistic Therapies and is the kind of teacher that cut’s straight to the core of the subject, offering a broad bank of knowledge on empirically proven natural solutions to health disorders. James also holds a FETAC level 6 Train the Trainer qualification.

The Teaching Council of Ireland

James is a member of Teaching Council of Ireland, the Statutory body in Ireland for maintaining the highest standards of teaching in colleges. The Teaching Council is the regulator of the teaching profession and promotes professional standards in teaching.

Visiting Lecturer

James is a visiting lecturer to Beijing University of Chinese medicine and Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine where he has undergone formal advanced clinical training yearly.

He also lectures to the final year doctorate programme.

James is a founding member of Active Health Foundation, the institution that brings the ancient art of Tuina traditional Chinese Medical acupressure to Ireland, making it’s powerful techniques accessible to interested body workers. He is actively involved in other areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Every practitioner has a moral obligation to each patient to offer them the best possible care and treatment within their capabilities”

Clinical Internship

James has completed nine (9) medical internships at various affiliated hospitals of Beijing University of Chinese medicine, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou and Nanjing University of TCM, China. The internships included working with the best doctors and professors of medicine within the various departments of these university affiliated hospitals covering acupuncture, internal medicine, oncology, gynecology  infertility, dermatology, pediatrics  traumatology and cardiology as well as Tuina Physical Therapy, including sports acupuncture and Tuina.

Well-being in the Workplace

James has developed and delivered various workshops and seminars for a number of Irish organisations on topics like Wellbeing in the Workplace, Mindfulness Stress Management, Psychological Health Hazards, Dealing with Difficult Situations, Dealing with Aggression, Conflict Management, plus other talks that help organisations meet their safety, health and welfare responsibilities.
Some of the Organisations: Nifast, Office of Public Works, Mary Immaculate College, Knock Airport, ESB, Bord Gas, Central Statistics Office, Dept of Defense, Dept of Transport, HSE, ………………..

Tuina Course Founder

James O’Sullivan founded the first Diploma in Tuina course in Ireland in 1997 for practitioners who had no previous qualifications in either complementary medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. Today the Diploma in Tuina Chinese medical acupressure is offered by a number of Further Education colleges. The Diploma is recognised by Beijing University of Chinese medicine who invite graduates to China every year to advanced clinical training.

The Diploma in Tuina Chinese medical acupressure is offered in Pearse College – Crumlin, as a day course during the academic year.

International Recognition

At the International Conference in Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine, James was honoured to present his paper on the treatment of Diabetes to 200 eminent doctors from around the globe. James was issued with an invitation to collaborate with eminent professors from Stanford University USA. Dr. Ron Zaidman President of Five Branches Institute USA, James O’Sullivan Active Health Foundation,Ireland, Prof. David Anzaldua and Prof. Samuel Le Baron of Stanford University USA outside the library of Zhejiang University of TCM. Prof. Xiao Luwei President of Zhejiang University of TCM, James O’Sullivan Active Health Foundation, and Prof. Fan Yongsheng Vice President of Zhejiang University of TCM



James O’Sullivan is the author of “Practical Chinese Medicine”, the core text book for students of Tuina and traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Charley Adley says, “Unsatisfied and unwell (with doctors), I went to see the very excellent James O’Sullivan. Alongside his colleague Eunice, James is a gem of a man. A calming wise soul and an incredibly skilled practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a session with James is a happy blend of mental and physical therapy, after which you leave feeling optimistic and on the mend”. Click here to read original article:
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You can’t buy happiness ? – YES YOU CAN! I think ‘giving back’ is an essential part of life. I particularly support the Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue & Adoption, Childline Online (Ireland) and Irish Heart Foundation.

James O’Sullivan - that's me, a people friendly practitioner and lecturer of Integrated Medicine, serving my patients, my students and the public with the positive benefits of both Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's a wonderful life
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