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Water and its Benefits

When we look around today, on Shop Street, in cafes, bars, hotels, it’s not surprising to see lots of people carrying bottles of water everywhere. A recent report tells us that it has become the second most popular drink (after soft drinks and just ahead of coffee). However, some water lovers were surprised recently when a new report found that the benefits of drinking water may have been exaggerated. Apparently drinking eight glasses a day was nothing more than a guideline and not based on scientific evidence.

Water is still good for us, it just means what I’ve been saying for years, the one rule fits all does not apply to optimum nutrition, see one man’s water is another man’s poison, so don’t put your water bottle or glass down just yet. Water like all other nutrients needs to satisfy a bodily requirement, to replenish the water lost by the body every day, due to evaporation through the skin, or excreted in urine, stool and breathing. Water is lost through the skin, breathing. Water is one of our essential nutrients meaning that we need to take it into the body regularly, so there are plenty of good reasons to drink water.

When you excrete more than you take in, you become dehydrated. You can lose even more fluids when you live or vacation in warm climates, during strenuous exercise and in high altitudes. Older adults experience a lower sense of thirst and may not drink their required daily intake.

Staying safely hydrated

My recommendation is to listen to your body, we all really need to listen more to our bodies because it has its own intelligence and can subtly communicate what it needs if we only listen. With that said, you should drink water when you feel thirsty, be aware of an excessive thirst, it may mean visiting your physician for tests regarding diabetes.

Observe how much urine you excrete per day, the “healthy norm” should be in the region of 1.5 liters (6.3 cups) or more of colourless or light yellow urine. If you’re concerned about your water intake or have health issues, check with your doctor or nutritionist. He or she can help you determine the amount of water that’s right for you. To hydrate the body safely, make sure your body has the fluids it needs, make water your beverage of choice. I recommend drinking a glass of water with each meal and between each meal, also to drink water before, during and after exercise. The Institute of Medicine determined that an average adequate intake for men is roughly 3 litres (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. The average adequate intake for women is 2.2 litres (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.

Too Much Water

It is possible to drink too much water. Hyponatremia is a condition in people who drink large amounts of water, which results in the kidneys being unable to excrete the excess water, the electrolyte content of the blood is diluted, resulting in low sodium levels in the blood. Endurance athletes increase their risk of hyponatremia when they drink large amounts of water. In general, though, drinking too much water is rare in healthy adults who eat a healthy diet

6 Reasons to Drink Water to a Smiling Body

1. Drinking Water Helps Maintain Body Fluid Balance.

Your body is composed of approximately 60% water. The functions of fluids in the body include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. Nephrologist Steven Guest, MD of Stanford University says that the posterior pituitary gland, your brain communicates with your kidneys and tells it how much water to excrete as urine or hold onto for reserves. When you’re low on fluids, the brain triggers the body’s thirst mechanism and unless you are taking medications that makes you thirsty, when you feel this you should gets yourself a drink of water.

2. Water Helps Control Calories.

Water is not a magical diet for healthy weight, it has been used for years successfully by substituting water for higher calorie beverages. “What works with weight loss is if you choose water or a non-caloric beverage over a caloric beverage and/or eat a diet higher in water-rich foods that are healthier, more filling, and help you trim calorie intake,” says Penn State researcher Barbara Rolls, PhD. Food with high water content tends to look larger, its higher volume requires more chewing, and it is absorbed more slowly by the body, which helps you feel full. Water-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, oatmeal, and beans.

3. Water Helps Energize Muscles.

Muscle fatigue results when cells don’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes. “When muscle cells don’t have adequate fluids, they don’t work as well and performance can suffer,” says Steven Guest, MD of Stanford University. Drinking enough fluids is important for athletes. Before the event or training, drink 500 ml (2 cups) and drink water at regular intervals throughout to replace fluids lost by sweating.

4. Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.

Your skin benefits from water but not only that it functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. When you are dehydrated your skin looks and feels dry and wrinkled, which improves with proper hydration. Using a quality natural moisturiser can “lock” in moisture into the skin.

5. Water Helps Your Kidneys Detoxify Your Body.

The main toxin in the body is blood urea nitrogen, a water-soluble waste that is able to pass through the kidneys to be excreted in the urine. Your kidneys are responsible for cleansing and ridding your body of toxins, however this depends on an adequate intake of fluids.

When your body is not getting enough fluids, urine concentration, colour, and odour increases because the kidneys trap extra fluid for bodily functions. If you regularly drink too little water, you may be at higher risk for kidney stones, especially in warm climates. When you’re getting enough fluids, urine flows freely, is light in colour and free of odour.

6. Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function.

Adequate fluid intake helps with hydration, which in turn keeps things moving along your gastrointestinal tract and prevents constipation. When you don’t get enough fluid, the colon pulls water from stools to maintain hydration and the result is constipation.

Adequate fluid and fibre is the perfect combination, because the fluid pumps up the fibre and acts like a broom to keep your bowel functioning properly.

5 Tips to Help You Drink More

If you think you need to be drinking more, here are some tips to increase your fluid intake and reap the benefits of water:

  1. Have water with every snack and meal. I do not recommend coffee or fizzy soft drinks.
  2. Choose healthy beverages you enjoy, that way you are more likely to drink additional liquids if you like the way they taste.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Their high water content will add to your hydration. About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods.
  4. Keep a bottle of water with you in your car, at your desk, or in your bag.
  5. Choose beverages that meet your individual needs. If you’re watching calories, go for water or non-caloric beverages.

Factors that influence water needs

You may need to modify your total fluid intake depending on how active you are, the climate you live in, your health status, and if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.

  • Exercise. If you exercise or engage in any activity that makes you sweat, you need to drink extra water to compensate for the fluid loss. An extra 400 to 600 milliliters (about 1.5 to 2.5 cups) of water should suffice for short bouts of exercise, but intense exercise lasting more than an hour (for example, running a marathon) requires more fluid intake. How much additional fluid you need depends on how much you sweat during exercise, and the duration and type of exercise. During long bouts of intense exercise, it’s best to use a sports drink that contains sodium, as this will help replace sodium lost in sweat and reduce the chances of developing hyponatremia, which can be life-threatening. Also, continue to replace fluids after you’re finished exercising.
  • Environment. Hot or humid weather can make you sweat and requires additional intake of fluid. Heated indoor air also can cause your skin to lose moisture during wintertime. Further, altitudes greater than 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) may trigger increased urination and more rapid breathing, which use up more of your fluid reserves.
  • Illnesses or health conditions. When you have fever, vomiting or diarrhea, your body loses additional fluids. In these cases, you should drink more water. In some cases, your doctor may recommend oral rehydration solutions, such as Gatorade, Powerade or CeraLyte. Also, you may need increased fluid intake if you develop certain conditions, including bladder infections or urinary tract stones. On the other hand, some conditions such as heart failure and some types of kidney, liver and adrenal diseases may impair excretion of water and even require that you limit your fluid intake.
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding. Women who are expecting or breast-feeding need additional fluids to stay hydrated. Large amounts of fluid are used especially when nursing. The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink 2.3 liters (about 10 cups) of fluids daily and women who breast-feed consume 3.1 liters (about 13 cups) of fluids a day.


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Liver Cleanse

A liver cleanse should be a natural protocol designed to detoxify, flush out and eliminate the liver of fatty deposits, built up toxins, and accumulated stones. Most liver cleanse programs also include a gallbladder cleanse which helps eliminate the gallbladder of gallstones. Liver stones are formed when excess cholesterol crystallises into small pebble size stones.

A liver cleanse usually involves eating a healthy organic diet and drinking a organic herbal formula (e.g. High Mountain Green Tea) that are specific to stimulate the liver and to soften any stones which the body can eliminate.

Day 1 and each day of your Liver Cleanse


Prepare at least 10 glasses of pure filtered water for each day. Water is an excellent detoxifier and will flush the liver of toxins. Drinking water will keep you hydrated, which naturally encourages cell regeneration. It will also allow the liver to filter out more toxins and residue, letting it work faster and increasing your energy level.


Minimize alcohol and caffeine intake. Alcohol and caffeine are two of the biggest culprits that deposit toxins in your liver and keep it from functioning properly. Cleanse your liver by reducing your intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Replace these beverages with non-alcoholic beverages to allow your liver to regenerate, flush itself clean and function properly.

Natural Lemon

Drink lemon juice in water or tea once a day. Lemon juice stimulates the liver’s bile production to help flush out toxins. It also prevents the build-up of gallstones and promotes digestion and liver function in the movement of gastric juices.

Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful health forming drink, it is rich in catechins, a type of plant antioxidant that boosts liver function and helps reduce fat storage in the liver.

Natural Fruit Smoothies.

Fruits like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries all enhance the health of the liver. These fruits have organic acids that lower sugar blood levels, and will help you to burn fat, decreasing your chances of fatty liver diseases.

Life Giving Vegetables

Certain vegetables contain nutrients like beta carotene that stimulate liver cells and protect the liver from toxins. Dark, leafy greens like spinach encourage cell growth and stimulate the liver, while beets protect bile ducts in the liver from toxin damage. Aim for 6 to 7 servings of vegetables daily and include those that contain liver-aiding nutrients. Greens that promote liver health include dandelion greens, bitter gourd, arugula, mustard greens, chicory and spinach.


Garlic has sulfur-containing compounds that activate liver enzymes that work to flush out any toxins that might be in your system. Garlic also contains allicin and selenium, two nutrients that protect the liver from damages caused by toxins. These two nutrients also aid in the detoxification process. Don’t like the taste of garlic or want to protect your friends and family! Purchase garlic supplements at your local health store.


Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which promote a healthy liver cleanse. Grapefruit boosts detoxification enzymes in the liver and has a flavonoid compound known as naringenin which causes the liver to burn fat rather than store it.


Avocados are not only delicious., they are rich in glutathione producing compounds. These compounds help to prevent the liver from toxic overload. Try to eat avocados twice a week.


Walnuts have high levels of l-arginine (an amino acid) glutathione, and omega-3 fatty acids which help to cleanse the liver of disease-causing ammonia. Extracts of their shells are used in many liver-cleansing formulas.


Magnesium promotes bile production, which in turn promotes the cleansing of the liver. You can take magnesium supplements to increase your liver health. Another way to get your magnesium is by dissolving a tablespoon of Epsom salt in warm water and drinking this mixture once or twice a month. Epsom salt contains a high amount of magnesium.


Turmeric boosts the liver’s ability to produce bile, it should be added to your diet to form a key part of the liver-cleansing process. It has also been known to help regenerate damaged liver cells.

What to Avoid

Avoid processed foods that can damage to your liver. Foods that are processed and contain lots of preservatives, fats and cholesterol can cause the liver to become congested and clogged with fat residue. Clean out your liver by avoiding processed or fatty foods to allow the liver to unblock itself and regenerate cells.

Avoid fast food. In particular, try to avoid deep fried food or preserved meat (such as sausage, bacon, corned beef, etc.)

Avoid bad fats. Fatty red meat, deep fried food, and processed fats should all be avoided, as they can clog up your liver. Processed fats include margarine, shortening, and hydrogenated oils.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, colourings, and preservatives. It is best to go the natural route when cleansing your liver.


Stressful situations release hormones and endorphins in the bloodstream, which, in turn, deposit toxins in the liver and slow it down. Eliminate stress in any areas of your life that you can. Consider anti-stress activities like yoga and meditation.


Exercise helps you maintain a healthy body weight, which in turn lowers your risk of fatty liver disease. Exercise also improves the function of liver enzymes.

Organic Food or Not?

Wondering if Organics is a better choice (Find out here)

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James O’Sullivan from Galway is a credible and engaging speaker, a people friendly practitioner and lecturer of Integrated Medicine, serving his patients, his students and the public with the positive benefits of both Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a respected author and has appeared on many public media.


This article is not intended to diagnose or assess. The information provided is not to be considered a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner.

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Smiling Body Cleanse Detox

Congratulations this is the start of cleansing our body of toxins and recharging our digestive environment for a better future and smiling body.

Prepare with a low Inflammatory Diet

A few days before cleansing prepare to get the most out of your cleanse detox with a low anti-inflammatory, clean diet. If you can, start to eat clean two to five days in advance of your cleanse to prepare your body. If you don’t have the time, you will still benefit so don’t stress!

Anti Inflammation Resources:

Be Intentional

Set an intention for your cleanse, a commitment to changing something in your life. Why are you cleansing? What do you want to create? Heal? What will make your cleanse successful? Think about these questions, or even write them down. Setting an intention is an important part of cleansing both mind and body.

Include Organic Foods

  • Include all vegetables, especially those with dark vibrant colors, go for lots of dark green, purple, red, and yellow ingredients
  • In fact you can go for all fruits (except bananas, mango)
  • Sea vegetables are excellent organic wholesome food
  • Grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa, and amaranth
  • Any beans, legumes and lentils
  • Nuts and seeds (soaked is best)
  • Chicken, fish, eggs (free range)
  • Unfiltered cold-pressed flax, olive, sesame, sunflower, almond, coconut, hemp, macadamia nut oils; try not to heat oils, except for coconut which has a high smoke point.
  • Fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut and kimchi
  • Probiotic drinks like coconut kefir and kombucha

Hydrate Your Body

Drink 8 to 12 glasses filtered water daily (add things like liquid chlorophyll, minerals, or lemon juice, too). Have a taste of these delicious drinks.

Avoid These Anti Nutrients

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine drinks and coffee (switch to green tea if you get caffeine headaches)
  • Soft drinks
  • Red meat
  • Cured or processed meat (bacon, sausages, and the like)
  • Nonorganic animal flesh
  • White flour products (pasta, bread, cookies, crackers)
  • Foods that contain hydrogenated fats and preservatives
  • Refined sugars and all products containing them
  • Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, NutraSweet
  • Dairy (milk, cheese)
  • Fried foods
  • All genetically modified foods
  • Canned foods
  • Cigarettes

While you’re cleansing

What to do:

  • Begin each morning with a glass of warm water with lemon.
  • Sip on a juice every 2 hours throughout the day.
  • Take advantage of this time and start journaling.
  • If you have the ability/time, incorporate infra-red sauna, steams, colonics and/or acupuncture.
  • Nightly baths are a wonderful way to relax. Add Epsom salts, lavender essential oil, or use a detoxifying bath.
  • Make and drink Turmeric Cleansing Tea (visit here)

If you feel hungry…………

While cleansing gives your body the ultimate detox, we understand the need to incorporate food. Stick to organic fruits and vegetables (think avocado, blueberries, strawberries, leafy greens), soaked nuts.

Limit Your Exercise

Limit yourself to light exercise like walks, yoga, and stretching. Your energy levels tend to change during a cleanse, so pay attention to what your body wants.

Your Free Time

You can benefit even more from your cleanse with introspective activities like writing, meditation, nature walks, and soft music. Make sure you have the free time to take care of yourself and your body. I especially recommend meditation:

Post-cleanse diet

Ease Back into Normality

Ease into solid foods post-cleanse. Now is a time you can stick to your new eating habits. Take this opportunity to incorporate healthier dietary choices and lifestyle choices to be the best you.

Day 1
Incorporate fruits, vegetables, herbs, green juices, green smoothies and soaked nuts/seeds the first day.

Day 2
Add in heartier foods like protein smoothies, salads, and soups. E.g.


You can start eating proteins (organic pastured meat and fish) and gluten-free grains.

Foods you can eat without Restrictions.

  • Fruits and vegetables, especially those with dark pigments like kale and other dark leafy greens, tomatoes, red bell peppers, purple cabbage, blueberries, and cranberries.
  • Soaked nuts and seeds in small quantities.
  • Unfiltered cold-pressed flaxseed, olive, sesame, sunflower, almond, coconut, hemp, macadamia nut.
  • All green juices, vegetable juices.
  • Antioxidant-rich superfoods, such as acai, cacao, goji berries, spirulina, blueberries, maca, wheatgrass, hemp.
  • Fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, kefir, and miso to support a healthy gut and immune system.


Listen to your body. Continue to take the time to relax and ease into strenuous, sweat-inducing workouts. Remember your cleanse experience and try to incorporate some of it into your new daily regimen.

Organic Food or Not?

Wondering if Organics is a better choice (Find out here)

James O’Sullivan from Galway is a credible and engaging speaker, a people friendly practitioner and lecturer of Integrated Medicine, serving his patients, his students and the public with the positive benefits of both Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a respected author and has appeared on many public media.


This article is not intended to diagnose or assess. The information provided is not to be considered a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner.

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Raspberry Mint Healthy Beverage

Raspberry Mint Delicious Detox

This is one delicious healthy drinks that keep us on the healthy path and allows the body to detox and cleanse gently. This slightly sweet, slightly tangy drink helps to bust sugar cravings. I recommend sipping it throughout the day, it will fill you up, preventing you from overeating and helping you towards that healthy weight and Smiling Body.

Why not make several batches of this excellent detoxifying beverage, and drink it before meals and sip it throughout the day.

Note: If sparkling water doesn’t agree with your stomach, makes you feel too full or actually makes you feel bloated, simply substitute it with water.

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  • 1 liter sparkling water
  • 8 raspberries
  • Sprig of mint
  • Juice of 1/2 lime (optional for alkalizing drink)


Pour water in a jug, add raspberries and mint. Leave in refrigerator overnight and drink at room temperature.



This article is not intended to diagnose or assess. The information provided is not to be considered a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner.

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Benefits of a Cleansing Detox

Nutritional Cleansing Detox

The question on most people’s lips would probably sound something like “Are Cleansing Detox programs really good for you?” and there would seem to be an equal amount of cautions and recommendations for cleansing or detoxing, which can make it confusing for the person looking for a better way to achieve wellbeing and a healthy weight. It is possible to get it wrong, however when completed correctly you can help your body and mind in several different ways. This article outlines some of the benefits you can expect by following some of the more well-organised Cleansing Detox programs out there.

Boosts Your Energy
There is no doubt that when Cleansing Detox correctly and properly, many people report feeling more energetic with some reporting excess vitality and mental clarity. When you think that while you are engaging with a correctly prepared Cleansing Detox program, you’ll be stopping the intake of the foods and other things that caused you to need a Cleanse Detox in the first place. By cutting out the sugar, caffeine, trans fat, saturated fat, and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll be getting a natural energy boost, one that comes without a consequential crash. It’s vital to stay well hydrated while on any Cleansing Detox program, and that can also be a source of increased energy if you typically don’t get enough water throughout the day.

Eliminate Excess Waste from the Body
Probably the most important benefit of a Cleansing Detox program, is assisting the body to purge itself of excess waste, usually stored in the colon (intestines). Most Cleansing Detox programs are designed to stimulate the body to cleanse itself, helping the liver, kidneys and colon (intestines) do what they do naturally. Cleansing the colon is an important part of the detoxing process because the toxins found there need to exit the body and a clogged colon can cause these toxins to multiply and cause us to become ill, rather than exiting as nature intended. Consuming fruits and vegetables during and after the Cleansing Detox program is a good way to keep things moving.

Helps with obtaining Healthy Weight
A properly created Cleansing Detox program can help you to lose weight and it is the start of establishing positive long-term eating habits, and relieve yourself of unhealthy habits. In the media, there is an emphasis on drastic reduction in calories and rapid weight loss however these short-term results won’t last if you don’t make it a habit to replace bad foods with good, and use your newfound energy to exercise more and be more active overall.

Stronger Immune System
When you have completed your Cleansing Detox program, your organs function more effectively. They are more efficient, more energetic and more useful. This helps to give your immune system a boost since you’ll be able to absorb nutrients better, including all the essential vitamins and minerals. Many of the herbs you take while on a Cleansing Detox program will help the lymphatic system, which plays a huge role in keeping you healthy and toxin free. Many Cleansing Detox programs also focus on light exercises which help to circulate lymph fluid through the body and helps it to drain, strengthening your immune system in the process.

Increased Mental Clarity
A good Cleansing Detox program will pay attention to your state of mind. Being mindful during eating helps us to be aware of the foods and beverages we are actually eating and drinking at the time, so the use of mindful meditation is recommended as a way to get back in touch with your body during this time of purging and cleansing of toxins. People say that they lose that sense of mental cloudiness, and are able to think more clearly during a detox than when not on it. It makes sense, since much of the foods that contain sugar and fat will cause us to feel lethargic and can feature heavily in the quality of our thinking.

Improved Skin
Your skin, being your largest organ, also benefits from your Cleansing Detox program. One way to help your cleansing efforts is to take a sauna to help the body sweat out additional toxins. You can expect clearer, smoother skin as you proceed with your program. It’s also been scientifically reported that a Cleansing Detox program can help with acne, although the condition may worsen before it gets better as the toxins are released. You may find that your skin itches or gets patchy before clearing up, but this is part of the process and is a sign that you’re on the right track with your program.

Better Breath
Follow a Cleansing Detox program that includes a colon (intestines) cleanse because those toxins need to be released from the body. When the colon is clogged, the resultant stench can back up to the mouth and result in bad breath. When your colon eliminates efficiently, your digestive system benefits by functioning well again. You may find that your breath improves. Be aware that your breath may actually worsen during the detoxing process, but when it’s finished it will be better. This is natural, and occurs as toxins are released from the body.

Promotes Healthy Changes
It’s hard to change a long-standing habit, and a Cleansing Detox program, no matter how long, is one way to put a wedge between your old ways and your new ones. If you have addictions to sugar, caffeine, fried, or crunchy foods, you can use a Cleansing Detox program to help you deal with those cravings. Often trying to eliminate these foods and beverages from our diet can be difficult unless we completely change our nutritional habits. This is where a Cleansing Detox program comes into its own by cleansing the body and replacing poor foods with healthier choices, you can retrain yourself and be more likely to stick to your new habits.

Healthier Hair
You’ll see and feel the difference in your hair, when your hair is able to grow uninhibited by internal toxins. By the time you can see your hair, it’s already considered dead, as all of its growth occurs within the hair follicle. This is why it’s important to keep your body functioning at its full potential through a Cleansing Detox program. In many instances hair gets shinier, and feels softer to the touch. Cleansing isn’t enough to stop male pattern baldness, but many report that their hair grows more quickly, a sign of healthier hair.

Lighter Feeling
One of the reported benefits of Cleansing Detox program is a feeling of being lighter. There are several reasons why this would be the case, especially if you’ll be doing a colon (intestines) cleanse as part of the program. When you stop eating foods that weigh you down, and replace them with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, a lighter feeling is bound to occur. It’s also important not to overeat while on your Cleansing Detox program, which will yield a lighter feeling, and will give you the energy you’ve been missing.

Anti-Aging Benefits
Ever heard of free radical activity. This is the activity caused by toxins and poor food and drink. many scientists now believe that aging is the result of free radical activity and that where we introduce “Anti oxidants” into our diet while eliminating poor nutrition, we could live longer and healthier. The constant barrage of toxins that the body has to deal with is one contributing factor to the aging process. By reducing the amount of free radical damage done to the body, you’re going to see not only short term benefits, but also long term benefits in an increased longevity. When you finish your Cleansing Detox program, it’s very important not to go back to the lifestyle that was causing the toxicity. Sticking to a improved diet and getting daily activity are great ways to make sure that you feel good each moment of your life.

Improved Sense of Wellbeing
The best Cleansing Detox program leaves you feeling great and certainly not worse. When you cleanse your digestive system, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen. Cleansing is often used strategically to lose weight or to start a new nutritional program, but really there’s no better reason than just to feel better. When you set the stage for wellbeing, you are going to improve all areas of your life, and you should see better relationships, better productivity at work, and a newfound or renewed zest for life.

James O’Sullivan from Galway is a credible and engaging speaker, a people friendly practitioner and lecturer of Integrated Medicine, serving his patients, his students and the public with the positive benefits of both Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a respected author and has appeared on many public media.


This article is not intended to diagnose or assess. The information provided is not to be considered a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner.

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