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Butter vs Marg

Butter vs Margarine, which is better. Is there really any debate? Well, actually there has been for years, but I’m sticking to my butter!!
Would you choose a processed, artificial spread that tastes like plastic, or one that is natural, full of goodness and tastes simply delicious? There are so many websites that will tell you butter is the demon and margarine is what we should be eating…not me! Butter has had a bad rap for years and is now on the comeback! Yahoo!! Let’s look at them a bit closer………
Margarine is made from vegetable oils that are chemically changed to make them solid using a process known as hydrogenation. As a result of this process, trans fat is formed as a side product with a high consumption linked to an increased risk of chronic disease. These vegetable oils oxidise in the body causing free radicals that damage cells, contribute to aging and diseases.
Studies are suggesting that natural trans fats from animal products, like butter, are not associated with any increased risk of heart disease. In fact, butter is heart healthy, containing butyric acid which is anti-inflammatory, medium chain fatty acids that are converted to energy, not fat, and fat soluble vitamins A D E and K. It is also low in lactose and rich in vital cholesterol.
Start spreading the news!!….and the butter!!
Choose your spread, choose your health. I have! I choose Irish butter!!

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