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What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Smiling Body also incorporate the energies of traditional Chinese herbs formulas, which have been shown over thousands of years to effectively treat a wide variety of health conditions and disharmonies. Practitioners use tiny amounts of natural substances, like herbs, plants and minerals. We believe these stimulate the healing process.

You may have heard of Homeopathy as an complementary medicine, but did you know that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over five hundred million people use homeopathy around the world. Did you also know that Homeopathy is established in the national health care systems in England, France and the Netherlands.

It was developed in the late 1700s in Germany. in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine of like cures like “similia similibus curentur”. It’s very common in many European countries and is gaining popular acceptance in the United States because of its gentle safe formulation.
The concept of “like cures like” may have been suggested by Hippocrates around 400 BC, when he prescribed a small dose of mandrake root to treat mania, knowing it produces mania in much larger doses. Similarly, in the 16th century, Paracelsus wrote “similia similibus curantur” (like the subjunctive form later used by Hahnemann), often translated as “what makes a man ill also cures him”.

Does it take a long time for treatment to work?

Essentially no! In acute cases where there is a high fever, the right remedy can bring down the temperature by a degree within 30 minutes. Homeopathy can also be used as first aid to provide quick help in acute problems such as food poisoning, injuries, burns, etc. Smiling Body remedies not only treat conditions but encourage “prevention” at a very low cost. However, if a patient suffers from a chronic problem over a long period of time, it may take longer to regain good health.

Is it safe for infants and pregnant women?
Yes, remedies are completely safe for everyone, including pregnant women and babies. In fact, difficulties during pregnancy and problems experienced by newborns can be treated effectively by Homeopathy without any side effects.

Do not take within 15 minutes of eating or drinking.

How Does It Work?

A basic belief behind homeopathy is “like cures like.” In other words, something that brings on symptoms in a healthy person can, in a very small dose, treat an illness with similar symptoms. This is meant to trigger the body’s natural defenses.
Homeopathic doctors (who also are called “homeopaths”) weaken these ingredients by adding water or alcohol. Then they shake the mixture as part of a process called “potentization.” We believe this step transfers the healing essence. Homeopaths also believe that the lower the dose, the more powerful the medicine. In fact, many of these remedies no longer contain any molecules of the original substance. They come in a variety of forms, like sugar pellets, liquid drops, creams, gels, and tablets.

Our Smiling Body Remedies are formulated into pilules, “little pills” infused with raw herbs in a particular formula.

How to Take:

Adults, elderly and children, one pillule to be sucked under the tongue only when required.
Stop with improvement. Pillules may be dissolved in boiled, then cooled water or crushed before taken.

Keep out of reach of children.

Don’t use homeopathic medicine for life-threatening illnesses, like asthma, cancer, and heart disease, or in emergencies.


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Returns Policy

Returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with If the product you receive is not as described or low quality, promises that you may return it and receive a full refund. The return shipping fee will be paid by you.

Returns & Refund is a guarantee provided by Smiling Body

When you receive a product that was bought and paid for on our site, and you find it is not as described or is of low quality, you can contact us (james at to resolve these problems.You will then be able to request a full refund and return the item, or keep the item and agree a partial refund with us.

Scope of Guarantee

All products on have the Returns & Refund guarantee. Any product bought through the site is protected if the items you received are not as described. Please be aware that all item because of the nature of the products are destroyed on receipt by us.

The following situations are not included:
1. An item you claim is not as described, but the seller can prove that it is.
2. Items are as described, but you no longer want them.

Guaranteed Protection Period

You can submit refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed. You can do this by contacting Please note that you can only open one dispute per order.

Return Shipping Fee

Buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with






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How to use dispenser

The dispenser is easy to use but sometimes only after we are shown how to use it. Hopefully the image below will explain how to use dispenser.

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